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Movies: Waters Director:  Cast:  Production Co:  Genres: Comedy Runtime:  Country: Japan Release Date: 2006 
Gigolo Wannabe acquaints the audience with seven young men of disparate backgrounds, from a street performer to an ex-banker, who have been through various circumstances such as losing a business and getting kicked out of a basketball team. They are brought together by a desire to make quick money as 'hosts'-essentially the male equivalent of hostesses in a club. However, their enthusiasm is almost arrested upon discovering that the club's 'manager' has run off with their deposits! To add to the problem, the bar owner's granddaughter, Chika (Riko Narumi) suffers a heart disorder, so the owner decides to let the young men run the joint themselves, though not without disastrous results. As the plot unfolds, the club transforms itself from a cluttered place with clashing personalities to one that is more mellow and professional in a bid to raise money for Chika's heart operation abroad.
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