Guilty: Kono Koi Wa Tsumi Desuka

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Movies: Guilty: Kono Koi Wa Tsumi Desuka Director: Kawahara Yo, Noda Kenta Cast: Shinkawa Yua, Machida Keita Production Co:  Genres: Thriller, Romance, Drama Runtime: 10 Episodes Country: japan Release Date: 2020 
Sayaka Ogino is an honest and sincere person. She enjoys her job as an editor at a women's fashion magazine where she has found success. Kazuma, her partner of six years, works at an advertising agency. He is an ideal partner who is kind, understands Sayaka's work, and even does his share of the household chores! The only concern for Sayaka is his reluctance to start a family. Sayaka’s life takes some unexpected turns. While scouting for a location, she encounters Keiichi Akiyama, her high school crush. Now married and the chef of his own cozy little restaurant, he is pleased to have Sayaka resume her taste-testing duties. Suddenly Sayaka finds herself betrayed by everyone close to her, save for Akiyama. As in the past, he provides much needed emotional healing for Sayaka. Can they rekindle what they once had, or are malevolent forces determined to keep them apart?

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